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Our Story

Karilyn Goforth, Founder & Owner

My journey with movement started from the earliest memories I can remember. As a child, I was very active - I took gymnastics in my early childhood years and later played soccer, ran in cross country, and I also took dance throughout high school. From a very young age, I recall telling my parents that my dream was to become a physical education (PE) teacher and looking back now I know Pilates is the forum where I am making that dream come true. I am a strong believer in the idea that by moving your body to become stronger, this also encourages your mind to become stronger and this in turn makes you happier. In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, locked inside my apartment in search of a way to stay active without the use of a traditional gym, I decided to take online mat Pilates classes on Youtube. Once Covid restrictions were reduced, those early mat Pilates classes online ultimately became what drove me to find a local Pilates studio. Club Pilates was my first introduction to a contemporary Pilates studio, and the organization through which i obtained my first Comprehensive Pilates Certification in January 2023, which is a 500-hour comprehensive teacher training program.

Club Pilates provided me with my first opportunity to become a group fitness instructor, typically teaching classes of up to 12 clients at one time. While I am thankful for that opportunity to develop and grow my fitness career, I knew I had SO much more to learn. Soon after, I was introduced to Classical Pilates through an instructor friend; Classical Pilates is the Pilates methods taught by the creator of Contrology (now called Pilates), Joseph Pilates. One of the important distinctions between Contemporary and Classical is the setting: while Contemporary typically focuses on group classes, Classical teaches an instructor to teach to the body in front of him or her (a concept that is difficult to achieve in group class settings). While I loved teaching group classes and met some amazing people through teaching those classes, I knew in my heart that I I really wanted to focus my practice on individual Pilates instruction and teaching to the body in front of me because I believe this is the most efficient way to help my clients reach their fitness and mental health goals.

This epiphany landed me in a Pilates workshop in a wonderful studio called Century Pilates located in Arlington, Texas, owned by Emily Wills. Emily encouraged me to take her program and later became my mentor. That small decision to this day is the best decision I have made for my Pilates career. In March of 2023, I began Century Pilates Classical Comprehensive teacher training program (450 hours). After months and months of learning, watching, taking Classical based Pilates classes, privates and apprenticing under Emily, I finally completed this second Pilates certification in January of 2024.

The Century Pilates Instructor Classical Training Program is one of only a select few worldwide to have obtained accreditation by the Pilates Method Alliances (PMA), International Teacher Training Accreditation for Pilates, ITTAP. This unique and exclusive training equipped me with the right skills to make sure I knew the WHY & FOR WHAT for each exercise and how those exercises all connect. In my practice, I utilize this method to be authentic and this allows me to be more unique in my style of teaching. As a Certified Pilates Instructor, it is my goal to continue to expand my knowledge base to ensure I have the most up-to-date methods of giving my clients the best possible Pilates experience.

Learning Pilates with me is unique because I bring a personalized approach to every session, tailoring each workout to the individual needs and goals of each client. My extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Pilates allows me to create custom routines that are challenging, but very achievable. I am passionate about empowering my clients to use Pilates to take control of their physical fitness and mental health to feel their best inside and out. I am patient, supportive, and always motivated to go the extra mile to ensure my clients get the most out of their sessions with me. Additionally, my home studio provides a comfortable and welcoming inclusive environment for all clients of different backgrounds to train in, ensuring that they feel safe, strong and motivated throughout their Pilates journey with me.

Pilates Practice at the Studio
Pilates Class on Reformers
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