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   “Contrology” was introduced by Joseph Pilates in 1929, focusing on a special type of stretching and breathing exercise. He used the word Contrology because those exercises had an essential principle, which is to let your mind control the muscles. Unlike other exercises, which you can multitask while conducting, Contrology requires you to concentrate on each body part that you move with total awareness.

   Contrology emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement. The method utilizes various apparatuses such as the reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda chair (and MANY more apparatuses) which incorporate pulleys and springs to provide resistance and support during exercises.

  The use of these apparatuses and springs helps to challenge the body's muscles and improve overall strength, flexibility, and coordination. The controlled and precise movements performed on these apparatuses aim to develop a strong, stable core and promote proper alignment and posture. Overall, contrology is designed to help individuals achieve a more balanced and aligned body through mindful movement and resistance-based exercises.

Is pilates for everyone? 

​Are you ready to transform your
mind, body, and soul?

  Healthy Soul Pilates uses the transformative method of Contrology using Classical Equipment we are proud of owning (Pilates Design- based in NY) and providing our clients with the best quality of equipment to ensure the best results. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to improve their mindset, strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall health by keeping Pilates traditional & authentic. 

  Book a FREE 30-minute Consultation for your in-person or online classes to get you started on your Pilates journey.

July Events: Soul Pilates @ Seoul Food 
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  Every Tuesday for the month of July @ 6:00 PM, the Seoul Food Meat Company (Mill District) will be hosting Soul Pilates for an invigorating & energizing workout with a fun atmosphere. Space is limited & clients must fill out liability waivers before sessions. 

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